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Surveys (Door to door survey followed by product survey)

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Survey (door to door) is an another field of our services. It enables to obtain real data in a daily life on how a specific product is used at home or living environment of a respondent where immediate interview is taken connecting to particular area of interest.

Door-to-door market research interviewing is a form of qualitative research whereby a respondent is asked questions on their doorstep, face-to-face. Door to-door market research may be used for several reasons. The most common reason for undertaking this method is to recruit by going to specific addresses. For example an address chosen at random or under a geodemographic classification system may suggest the person who lives at that particular home may meet the sampling criteria.

We will find the users who own and use the evaluation target product, and whom allow us to visit the places where they use the product (home or office etc). At this point, we are also able to find the users with requirements.

We will make arrangement of visiting days and hours.

Our staff will visit the collaborators’ home or office with your person in charge. We will be driving to the site by the vehicle we will be arranged.

We will have various interviews with the user about their normal status of use, as well as any issues or request in using the product, in the environment where users actually use the product, or have the product in front of them. In this time, video and photo shooting is available. Reports are prepared after proper interview at the request. interview at the request.

About Striking

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Survey (door to door) is an another field of our services. It enables to obtain real data in a...

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